Teddington Memorial Hospital

Teddington’s Hospital dates back to 1874, when a public meeting determined that “a Cottage Hospital be established for the benefit of the sick poor of Teddington and Hampton Wick”. The small hospital opened in 1875. Over the years, its capacity was extended.

Teddington Cottage Hospital

Teddington and Hampton Wick Cottage Hospital, Image Courtesy of Ken Howe

By 1909, the Hospital was in financial difficulty. The Board of Management considered cutting staff and closing beds. The Hospital Flower and Vegetable Show served to raise money to save the hospital, as did the Surrey Comet’s “Shilling Fund”.

In November 1914, the Management Committee placed the hospital’s resources at the army’s disposal. Other institutions in the Borough had made similar offers to the army, being used throughout the war as a place of rest or as a training centre for soldiers. Where possible, the Army Medical Services decreed that where possible they would not interfere with civilian sick. Teddington Hospital continued at this time to treat military personnel, but not the war wounded. The strains of war led to a decline in fundraising for the hospital.

Memorial Hospital2

The New Teddington, Hampton Wick and District Memorial Hospital, Image Courtesy of Ken Howe

When war ended in 1919, it was agreed that a new hospital was to be built. It was to be known as the Teddington Memorial Hospital, as a tribute to Teddington’s 337 war dead. It opened a decade later as the Teddington Hampton Wick and District Memorial Hospital.


With thanks to Ken Howe and Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Library & Archive for informing this blog.

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