Everyday Lives in War – Gertrude Jennings

Discover the work of playwright Gertrude Jennings (1877-1958) in this post from Barry Edwards, Director of Optik, on the University of Hertfordshire’s Everyday Lives in War blog.

“Her plays are brilliant satirical pieces that combine comedy, farce and provocative social commentary. Bringing them back to life in rehearsal and production has revealed the sheer physical theatricality of her work. It is fair to say she was a pioneer of women’s writing and women’s contribution to the theatre generally. It still comes as a surprise that she has been largely forgotten and her work unperformed for decades. Too easily dismissed under the genre of ‘light comedy’ her plays demonstrate that comedy is indeed a serious matter and when taken seriously Jennings is a devastating critic of hypocrisy, greed and the abuse of position.”

(C) Barry Edwards 2016

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Gertrude Jennings